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Fintros Launches in US

By Fintros — September 2018

Fintros, the world’s most anonymous robo-headhunter, announces that they have publicly launched in the United States. The company also announces an investment from Barclays Bank, joining the prestigious Techstars Accelerator program and the opening of their east-coast US Headquarters in Manhattan, New York.

Fintros has replaced job boards and external recruiters with on-demand anonymous passive talent for strategic finance employers. Before Fintros, 74.6 per cent of North America’s population were passive talent that didn’t have the technology to take action on their career curiosity.

“Fintros has quickly become the most powerful tool since the invention of the resume to allow currently employed talent to safely explore new opportunities for work, while at work,” says Jonathan Garbe, co-founder of Fintros.

As a company built on complete anonymity and encryption, Fintros has become trusted by top-tier business leaders of all seniority levels, from Analysts up to Managing Directors, CFOs and Partners. “Our AI-platform powered by Topic Modelling and Reinforcement Learning instantly anonymizes and obscures candidate profile information. By anonymizing candidate identities, our technology allows users to automate incoming career opportunities while remaining completely discrete to protect their current work employment,” says Sloan Galler, co-founder of Fintros.

Fintros is disrupting the current job search by creating an entirely new category of recruitment. Jon Zanoff, Managing Director of Techstars, is “thrilled to announce Techstars’ investment in Fintros, a company bringing bleeding edge AI to the war for top talent by unlocking candidates previously unattainable."

Barclays Bank is enthusiastic for Fintros to join their investment portfolio as they have been “heavily invested in utilizing AI for a number of years. We are integrating AI and decision support technologies across our company in order to create better experiences” said John Stecher, Chief Innovation Officer at Barclays.

About Fintros

Fintros is Talent Acquisition Software, built anonymous-first, to help strategic finance employers hire top passive talent. Fintros is trusted by business leaders of all seniority levels whom use Fintros to prepare themselves for the future of work - including automating incoming career opportunities, taking action on their career curiosity and overcoming career stagnation. Fintros candidates remain completely anonymous until they choose to accept an interview offer and reveal their identity.

To date, Fintros has helped leading Canadian banks, asset managers, Fortune 1000 companies and operating firms augment their talent processes to hire previously unreachable top-tier passive talent. Strategic hiring teams use Fintros to hire top passive talent, improve the candidate experience and eliminate bias from recruitment.

Fintros was founded by Sloan Galler, Jonathan Garbe and Chris Ioannou. The team of HR professionals, finance leaders, data scientists and technology evangelists have built a proprietary AI-platform with industry leading accuracy to automatically shortlist candidates to interview, all within 14-seconds or less.

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