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Fintros x Norton Rose Fulbright - Sacha de Klerk Interview

By Fintros — December 2018



Sacha de Klerk: My name is Sasha de Klerk and I'm the Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Norton Rose Fulbright.

Fintros: How do you leverage the power of diversity?

Sacha de Klerk: To leverage the power of diversity you've got to really look at the other end of the equation - the inclusion part - because you can have the most diverse team in the world but if you don't have a culture in your team that encourages people to be themselves so where they are not trying to fit into a majority way of doing things or a majority or dominant culture that's when you are able to really in leverage that benefit of diversity. When people are able to be themselves bring their whole self to work where they're not minimizing any of their differences then they will really contribute to their diversity and the way they actually are to the decision-making and the work that you're doing.

Fintros: How do you successfully implement diversity initiatives?

Sacha de Klerk: Diversity needs to be embedded in everything we do in every decision we make about people whether that be in recruitment or promotion or opportunities for exciting work we need to consider diversity in all of those decisions for us to really move the dial forward.

Fintros: How can technology be used to reduce unconscious recruitment bias?

Sacha de Klerk: I think technology can play an important role in managing bias in the recruitment process where you can leverage technology - where you can leverage process to even out the playing field to ensure that candidates are compared objectively against the same criteria in the same way.

Fintros: What diversity and inclusion metrics most excite you?

Sacha de Klerk: I think that one of the diversity inclusion metrics that I'm excited to see develop over the coming couple of years is around pay transparency. With the Pay Transparency Act and Transparency coming up for Ontario - in particular, but probably won't be long before all of that is it's national - I think it'll be exciting to see what approaches organizations will take to look at Pay Equity Reporting.

Fintros: What would you like to see from these salary reporting requirements?

Sacha de Klerk: One of the things that I'd like to see from the reporting requirements once they they are published is for Canada to follow suit with what the UK did - and ask organizations to publish their Gender Pay Gap to hold themselves accountable and to be completely transparent.


About Fintros

Fintros is the world's most disruptive HR Software built to help Hiring Teams hire candidates that never apply for jobs - while eliminating both unconscious bias and recruitment fees.

About Sacha de Klerk

Fintros interviewed Sacha de Klerk, Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Norton Rose Fulbright. Sacha de Klerk leads Diversity and Inclusion for Norton Rose Fulbright Canada. In her role, Sacha is building process to attract, select and retain current and new employees to promote their inclusion and career advancement.

Sacha is an International Human Resource Expert on creating change and policy to build global trends and innovations to advance diversity and inclusion.

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